Meet the crew

After working closely together with Dave for more than 5 years, having a few beers and dinner with a lot of gravy in the Fountain Inn in Mevagissey during a UK trip and of course, the dreaded Brexit, it was time to join forces. Since 2021 Mariner Jack is distributed exclusively in Europe by Commonsensical, which is also the company behind the Belgian beard brand Leonis Barbam. Sharing the same passion as Dave for natural men’s grooming, we are happy to ‘Join The Crew.’

Jurgen Holvoet

Bearded man, communication dude, nature geek, father of 2, moped warrior, Bearded Villains-member and owner of a small single-chair barber shop since 2015.

Melissa De Lombaerde

Not so bearded women, logistics & purchasing wonder, dog and beard lover, plant expert, earth explorer (as in traveler) & bitten by everything that involves nature. 

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